Designing Digital Creative Commons for the Performing Arts

Vicki and Helen will participate remotely in this workshop at the British HCI 2015 conference, presenting UpStage and contributing to the day’s discussions. The workshop “Designing Digital Creative Commons for the Performing Arts” aims to “bring together HCI designers, creative technologists, Performing Arts practitioners and theorists […]

CyPosium book at Transmediale

CyPo­sium — the book will be pre­sented at Trans­me­di­ale 2015, with a repeat of the launch per­for­mance. This cyber­for­mance, deliv­ered by some of the book’s con­trib­u­tors and CyPo­sium organ­is­ers, fea­tures read­ing of excerpts from the book along with impro­vised visu­als includ­ing web­cam imagery and live drawing. The pre­sen­ta­tion will […]