It does not matter, I will eat it cold!

“Kids were playing in the sea, snorkelling, diving, enjoying themselves and one mother was constantly nagging one of them to come out and go to lunch, because the lunch will cease to be warm. Kid yelled at her: It doesn’t matter, I will eat it cold! That scene reminded me so much of the early days of browsing the internet, what is more there, just this one more, and just that… We were playing like the kids.”

So writes curator and digital artist Maja Kalogera in her statement introducing “It does not matter, I will eat it cold!“, a pavillion of early net art works that she has created for the Wrong Biennial 2019-20. UpStage is honoured to be one of ten projects and artworks that Kalogera has selected as being “different and screen memorable” from the playful early years of

The Wrong was found in 2013 as a digital, decentralised and democratic alternative to the globalised art-world biennales. It aims to make it easy for artists and curators to exhibit their work, and for audiences anywhere in the world to access the vast, non-hierarchical, non-algorithmic page of text links to pavillions, embassies and routers.

“It does not matter, I will eat it cold!” will be also shown as an embassy of The Wrong in Art 836 G Gallery, UR Institute Zagreb from 1st December 2019 for two weeks. The online exhibition runs from 1 November 2019 until 1 March 2020.