101010 Performances

The 101010 UpStage Festival featured 17 new cyberformances. Because of the big number, the shows were divided into four groups along vaguely thematic lines: Temporal, Trajectory, Tendrils and Transgress.

The performances began at 8pm New Zealand time on Sunday 10 October (find your local time here), and continued for about 20.5 hours (with a couple of refreshment breaks). Click here to view the full schedule.

apo33Click to read more and see the shows in each group, or scroll down for a full list of all the performances and links to further information. You can also download the media release (240KB PDF).

  • 101010 Temporal: blurring the physical and virtual, tangible and ephemeral, across time and networks.
  • 101010 Trajectory: intersect and interact with the story arcs of these shows.
  • 101010 Tendrils: exercise your synapses with these thought-provoking cyberformances.
  • 101010 Transgress: step out of your comfort zone into shows that go beyond a limit, cross a boundary …


Here are the 17 cyberformances selected for 101010 (in no particular order):