Developer Update – Alex (13/11/2017)

The first thing I completed during Sprint 11 was to fix the failing tests in the backdrop controller spec. The ‘danger’ message test now functions correctly. This was fixed by setting up an invalid input to test using an empty string “”.  The redirect to edit_backdrop_path was also corrected by setting up a bad input to test. This allows the test to work as intended.

After completing this, I moved on to Issue #245 (media item – show assigned to stage in media list). I created a new partial view (_Stage.html.erb) and amended the table partial so the stages for each media item were shown on the media page. The stages are listed in alphabetical order which should help the user. Clicking on a stage button will send the user to the respective stage, E.G clicking on the ‘Stage1’ button will send the user to ‘Stage1’ view.

For Sprint 12, I worked on Issue #246 (media edit interface – show stages that a media item is assigned to). This item was very similar to #245. One of the problems I had when working on this issue was that I could not get the route to match properly. I used ‘rails routes’ to see what I should use and adjusted the code so that the correct route was used. The second problem I had was that I needed the view to redirect back to the view the user was on if they were assigning or unassigning a media item to a stage. For example, when in ‘AVAT1’ edit page view and it gets assigned to ‘Stage1’, then the view needs to redirect back to the edit page view. To accomplish this, I used to ‘request.referer’ in the avatar, backdrop and sound controllers so the view would redirect back to the requesting page. The stages are shown in alphabetical order also.

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