Developer’s Update (14/11/2017) – Thong

Hi everyone, it’s been two sprints since my last update. In the first sprint, I’ve done the issue 255 which redirects the user from deleting a media item page to the media page. It was a simple fix and didn’t take much time to complete. I also worked on issue 214 with Charlie where we’ve used a slick slider instead of the bootstrap carousel because it was buggy before. This new implementation works much better. Issue 240 was also completed which allows the player to see the accessibility of different stages on the foyer page. For this implementation, it was not difficult to get the column printed, but there was a challenge in getting the column to resize properly with different window sizes. The bootstrap grid layout system was used to take care of it. As for the last sprint, I’ve done two issues #264 and #254. Issue 264 is to display the name when a mouse is hovering on the backdrop. I realized that we’ve omitted title to the image tag, that was why the name wasn’t shown. The next issue was 254 in which a pop-up delete message should show the type of the media item to be removed. Adding the type to message was a quick attempt, but there was a new problem where it prompted the user for preventing the dialog box from appearing again. Further investigation revealed that there is a built-in feature in web browsers to prevent frequent dialogs creation. Therefore, bootstrap modal which is a custom-built dialog was used instead. Even better, I found a gem which does exactly this called data-confirm modal. It overrides the built-in confirm dialog. I also extended the use of this to other views like user, role, stages and tags. The sprints have been great, although we had planned to finish more issues. We hope to utilize the experience we’ve gathered so far to work more effectively and efficiently for the following sprints.


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