Developer’s Update 16 October 2017 – Charlie

This sprint I continued working on (#214) from the last sprint that was left over. When working on it ran into some problem where the clicking function was not working properly and had a look if there is another way of implementing the slider. I found Slick Slider that has all the functionality that I needed and it’s an open source code that works with ruby as well. I change the Carousel that I initially used to Slick. Slick has built-in functions that can be easily adjusted. After that was finished I wrote some unit test for backdrop model.

Continuing this sprint, there was HTTP/422 (#250) issue when assigning existing tag with space to a media. This took me a long time figure out why it’s doing that. I spent some time to research what the error is and had some idea why it has that error. When submitting the tag to a media it’s not checking the tag name properly. I confirmed with Paul that the issue is caused by the backdrop controller when the name is being checked in the database before it formats the name. Eventually, I complete this issue and tested it and it works fine. After this was tested, I wrote some unit testing for the Tag.

In the next sprint, I will be fixing the distorted backdrop when its drawn on stage. The backdrop right now will squash to fit the canvas.

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