Developer’s Update 9 September 2017 -Joe

This sprint proved to be very useful for catching up on old work. I was assigned the task of completing the avatar tab “Mirror” function (#206) and found that it was a fairly simple task that I completed quickly.

I decided to split the entire avatar tab into separate div’s for a clearer sense of organisation, and completed the main code within the file. Some difficulties found in the programming included making the image disappear within the mirror pane without deleting the mirror itself, and getting bugs where each new avatar clicked on created a new image beneath the current avatar image in the mirror pane. To get around these problems I programmed the new images to form as child nodes to the mirror pane and I replaced the parent innerHTML with white space (‘ ‘) instead of (”). Then I could just delete the child node once the avatar is dropped, and create a new child node if an avatar is selected again. Everything seems to be working fine, but I’m awaiting confirmation from Kit and Paul (the reviewers) that this code is acceptable.

For the second half of the sprint I was cleaning up my last issue (#183) where I was enabling sound to play within the stage. The code I had written worked, but it was using ajax instead of WebSocket which Paul requested changes to, as well as the fact that the code was within the file instead of the file. I re-wrote all the code using WebSocket to the file and removed the outdated changes. I completed this task a lot faster than I anticipated due to being able to copy most of the format from the holding and placing avatars on stage functionality that Paul had completed earlier. There was a small problem where the audio wouldn’t play however, and after lots of debugging and asking around the team, Paul discovered that the only mistake in the code was that I had capitalized the “d” in “AvatarId”. After that the code worked fine, and was implemented into the development branch after approval from Paul.

Not much reviewing was done by me this sprint however, as Kit wasn’t able to complete his issue (#204) by the end of the sprint, I decided to help Kit with his issue within the final week of the sprint but due to being unable to find programming sessions possible together, not much work was done. This next sprint will be first focused on completing Kit’s old issue before moving on with new functionality.

I’m happy with how progress is going on my end, but I hope Kit is able to catch up soon.

-Joe (Team 2017, Joe & Kit)

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