Developers’ Update 15 August 2017

Greetings UpStage Community,

The current AUT UpStage Team(Kit and Joe) finished Sprint 8 development, but there are still changes to be made after the one week review. With Jason(existing member) leaving team, progression was slow at first but I realize I need to be more proactive to have a sense of progression with the sprint(s) coming in the future.

The team was assigned to two tickets which were Audio and Media list sorting. We paired up to do the Audio issue first, first Joe made progress in the Audio tab and Audio file where as I was reviewing and checking any syntax errors and would correct Joe when the code doesn’t seem right. There was a problem with the different source type/format files not able to be played within the stage currently only .wav files are able to played. A ticket will be issued on limelight GitHub issues backlog regarding the source type/format e.g. mp3 files to be added in the future.

With Joe still working on the Audio issue, I decided to start on the second ticket which was the Media List sorting. The idea was to be able to click the column headers to sort the rows either ascending or descending order, but when I used Ruby code as my first approach, creating a helper method in media_helper.rb(def sortable… end), media_controller.rb(creating methods sort_column and sort_direction then in the index method using @media = Avatar.all + Sound.all, @media.sort_by{‘#{sort_column} #{sort_direction}’}) and in index.html.erb(calling the helper method e.g. <th><%= sortable “name” %></th>) it didn’t work out as planned as it only sorts one column when clicking the column header so had to use another approach which was using JavaScript and HTML to sort the table with the materials that I got from w3schools, In _table.html.erb(Using the onclick syntax<th onclick=”sortTable(0)” style=”cursor:pointer”>Name</th>) which calls the javascript function from the javascript directory instead of inline script. When clicking on the column header the table was able to sort the rows either ascending or descending order.

I was quite happy with the progress that I made and with Pauls’ review and feedback helped me progress even further to understand on how JavaScript and scoping of variables work within a function.




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