Developer Update 30th of May



Hello UpStage community,

It has been a while since we uploaded on our developer’s log. We are currently implementing sprint 2 and we have divided team members into three teams. William is currently in charge of uploading media function, Kelvin and Josh chat function, Keenen and Minju have been working on removing defective voices from existing upstage and Helen and Vicki are going to test the files. Minju and Keenen started working on making acceptance tests for registering member(log in) function.

Even though we’ve selected less user stories for our second sprint, this sprint has been very busy due to lot of assignments from other papers. This week, Minju and Keenen have mid-project review and are collecting evidences for their work. It should be an easy task, but since we haven’t been doing very well in version control and tracking, it’s difficult to collect evidence. From now on, we need to track our hours, tasks and deliverable constantly and remind ourselves to do version controls so we don’t need to go through this again in Semester 2.

Best Regards, UpStage Team