Developer Update 28th April 2016


Hello to UpStage Community,

We have finished the first sprint for this semester and it was a learning experience for all of us. Today we just finished our sprint retrospective and started planning for the next sprint.

In the retrospective, we reviewed our development process and plan for sprint 1 and found out that there are several things that we need to consider for future sprints. Being the optimistic developers that we are, we’ve had the tendency to underestimate the effort put into user stories. Also, we kept forgetting to make unit tests while we coded the new UpStage. Therefore, we are going to increase the margin for error to air on the safer side. This allows more time for overcoming impediments that we may come across along the way.

Seeing how we’ve performed in Sprint 1, we now have enough experience and have gained enough information on how to tackle the next sprint. Hopefully, we do much much better this time around. 😀

Best regards, UpStage team.