11:11:11 Nodes Announcement

The real life access nodes for the 11:11:11 UpStage Festival were announced at a live online event this Sunday, 11 September in the 11:11:11 Foyer. If you’re in Europe it will be 10am – perfect for sitting up in bed with laptop & coffee! If you’re in New Zealand, it will be 8pm, and you can find other local times here.

Download the media release (180 KB pdf) and see the list of 11:11:11 nodes here.

RL (real life) access nodes are held in conjunction with the UpStage festival to provide gathering places for proximal audiences around the world. The nodes are physical venues that host screenings of sections of the festival. In the past these venues have included galleries, museums, theatres, university lecture rooms and public libraries, located all over the world (usually it’s a space that’s open to the public). Read more about past nodes, and what’s involved in hosting a node, here.

At Sunday’s event we will reveal to you the many and varied places that will host nodes for 11:11:11 – some familiar, some new; all sharing an enthusiasm for the festival and a curiosity about cyberformance and the new forms of audience relationships that it enables. Join us in the 11:11:11 Foyer on Sunday to celebrate the 11:11:11 nodes and the people who are organising them.

Node at Le Petit Versaille, NYC
The 101010 node at Le Petit Versaille, NYC, was the first outdoor node and featured live music and a barbecue.