performances taking place in UpStage

UpStage V2 Launched

UpStage version 2 was officially launched on 28 June 2007, with a function at the New Zealand Film Archive and the opening of a two-week exhibition. There was almost a scandal at the launch event when renegade cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision inadvertently began a […]

070707 Performances

The performances selected for the 070707 UpStage Festival have been announced – click here for the full list. The festival takes place on 070707 (7 July 2007) – click here for performance times – and there will be live links to the stages from this […]

2005 Summary

UpStage was presented at the ADA symposium, _Emerge_, in Dunedin NZ on 26 November. The family JeanRichard, from Switzerland, created a performance in UpStage which they presented live on 29 October, 10am western Europe time. The performance was called Life[2] and more information is available […]

2004 Summary

In December 2004, UpStage entered into a new server hosting partnership with Wellington internet provider CityLink. Read the full media release (Word document). Regular open sessions began in October, to give people the opportunity for a hands-on introduction to UpStage. Vicki Smith gave a presentation […]