After 070707

070707 UpStage Festival may be over but the exhibition, From Puppets to Pixels, runs for another week at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington NZ – and online. The gallery is open 9am-5pm (NZ time), Monday to Friday, and Saturday 4pm-7pm. The Baba Yaga stage was accessible online throughout the exhibition.

And here are some photos from the launch, exhibition and 070707 UpStage Festival, and some screengrabs from the performances.

If you missed the festival, don’t despair – there will be repeat performances of some (all?) of the shows. Check back here in a week or so (we need a little rest!) or better still, join the UpStage mailing list to be notified of performance times.



    thanks so much!! we had a fab time performing & seeing the pics of people watching our giant bush and blair mugs projected on the screen is very cool.
    all the best!
    julie (devaney)
    aka tony blair, UN bag, etc.

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