Tutanota supports UpStage

Tutanota logoWe’re delighted to be entering into a relationship with Tutanota, a secure email service.

Tutanota is an open source email platform with a focus on privacy. It employs a high level of encryption – not only email content but also subject lines and calendar entries – that runs in the background, ensuring ease of use. The company is moving towards providing drive and online collaboration tools to augment its email and calendar services.

“At Tutanota, we believe that business models based on data collection and exploitation must be stopped. We fight for a different internet. One where privacy by design is the foundation. Our mission is to fight for our right to privacy, helping protect journalists, whistleblowers and human rights activists around the world as well as making the internet a better place for everyone.”

We encourage you to check out Tutanota as a great alternative to those big companies that profit from your data.