– X – marks the spot

perception of time, space and how to locate each other

“I am having visions of spirograph images of the connections that are sometimes physically fizzed along and somehow mapping the wide spaces and close quarters traversed at a rate of knots.” Vicki Smith

– X – marks the spot launched at electrosmog and further realised at the 101010 4th annual festival of cyberformance in October.

The performances emerge from the traces that map the complex patterns formed by two or more protagonists as they traverse their usual work/play spaces, which are widely dispersed.

Measurements, in the form of notations both historical and current, will provide accurate positioning data [relative and standard deviations will be taken into account].

This work explores wave forms/modes of transport/relativity of movement and perceptions of time and distance. It will take place in UpStage in real time and online over time.

Passage makers: – Vicki Smith, [Helen Varley Jamieson – since diverted by MakeShift] and other participants .

We will use:

  • UpStage, and a webspace to collect images and positioning data
  • laptops, a vodem, an internet connection
  • global positioning system
  • a gps enabled phone
  • a sextant
  • exploring SSB or Satellite phone
  • various waka – land, sea and airborne

deviation [your compass’ variation based on other forces in action] and variation [difference between compass and true north] variation west – magnetic is best
variation east – magnetic is least

Us on earth

  • TraderBoat Issue 144 June 2006
  • Mercator: The man who mapped the planet. Nicholas Crane
  • The Trial of the Cannibal Dog: Captain Cook in the South Seas – Anne Salmond
  • Vaka : saga of a Polynesian canoe – Sir Tom Davis, Pa Tuterangi Ariki ;
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_declination


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