Developer’s Update 03 October 2018 – Hamish

Hi Everyone,

For the past month or so, our team has been working on Upskilling to further the development on Limelight. We’ve been working in peer-programming methods as well as tackling problems together so that we’re able to be all at the same skill level for when it’s time to work on Limelight. We’ve been working on Reverse Engineering on example Rails Applications, as well as having the chance to dissect Limelight from the Github Repository. So far it’s been really fun and enjoyable to learn a new language that we will be using for this R&D Project and wrapping our heads around everything. From the 16th of October, we will be starting to tackle problems on the Kanban board and which we will be provided a more in-depth developers update on what we have done and what we aim to achieve, so watch this space!



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