Developer’s Update 26 September 2017 -Joe

This sprint was quite difficult to produce all the content that was promised when we first started out. This was mostly due to lack of available time needed for developing and upskilling, but the team will be ready to put in a lot of effort next sprint to catch up where we fell short. This sprint I intended to work on the “tag list” issue (#210), but spent most of my time helping Kit with his issue from the previous sprint (#204).

Kit and I were very close to completing the issue (#204) multiple times but we experienced problem after problem, initially we got the name to be hidden/shown via the push of a button very easily. However, we were stumped when it came to only hiding/showing 1 avatar’s name. We set up a simple if() statement function to check whether the name should be displayed and if so, draw the text within the action cable file. However, since we needed the function to be used both when placing the avatar on the canvas and clicking the hide/show name button, we could only get the name removed/shown when we ran the place function. We then tried adding parameters to the cable file and then run the function from both the ‘place’ and ‘name’ function. It worked but we realized that this method was probably not ideal, as we should be keeping the data local and not pushing it to the cable file. We have since been working with Thong (one of the newer developers in the UpStage team) and progress is going better than before. The issue is apparently near completion, however I haven’t seen it’s finished state yet.

I had a brief look at my ‘tag list’ issue, and I noticed a new bug that has since been assigned to me to complete under the same issue number. But no further progress was made on it.

I was also reassigned some work on the mirror function from last sprint. (#206) Some of the taller images inside the mirror were becoming distorted. I have since fixed this, but I have yet to send a pull request because I’d like to fix the size of the avatar’s being placed on the stage too. This part is proving difficult however, as I’m struggling to change the height and width of the picture before pasting it to the canvas. I will keep at it though.

A small amount of reviewing was done by me this week but the files didn’t have many major changes so it was done relatively quickly.

It was a little frustrating to be stuck on 1 issue for so long, but we should be able to get a lot more done next sprint.

-Joe (Team 2017, Joe & Kit)

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