Developers’ Update 6 June 2017

The student development team in first semester of 2017 worked on the new UpStage project Limelight.

We have developed further on the User Interface (UI) to utilize screen space. While developing the platform we kept in mind our future goals of working on mobile platforms, ensuring resizing and loading of elements based on size. We also developed upon the chat system, ensuring links are hyperlinked within the chat. We attempted to implement chat modifiers as well, though did not come to fruition. We have adjusted styling throughout all pages using UpStage colors. Fix back-end controls to remove data duplication when selecting stage media. Avatar Selection is completed, Placement and Movement features have had good tests and require a different implementation which we are redeveloping.

The lack in web development knowledge was a big challenge for the team as well as implementing Model View Controller using Rails. We have learned a lot this semester about new languages to develop with Rails. We have had to learn Rails development, (more) html, bootstrap, Sass, coffee script and action cable.