Developer’s log 04/09/2016



Hello UpStage Community,

AUT UpStage Team finished Sprint 3 development, but it didn’t turn out as successful as we have thought. We used PHP for our development when we were required to develop in Java Framework. We have done well in setting up and meeting the deadline for Sprint 3. However, we lacked in communicating with clients as developing in PHP which could have been easily avoided if we actively discussed our development with Paul. In order to prevent this happening again, we will be speaking to clients more often, especially Paul to get the guidance that we need for developing new UpStage.

Right now, we are redeveloping sprint 3 in Java web application. This week, we will be developing more user stories to speed up our development. Our supervisor, Bilal and we have already distributed effort points for each user story by playing planning poker. We are hoping to get some valuable technical advice from Paul this week as well.



AUT UpStage Team