Developer Update 14th of August


Hello, UpStage Community!

It has been two weeks since our last developer’s log. Ever since then, our new UpStage developers, Jason and Hu have been busy working on the Project Proposal. Meanwhile, existing members, Keenen and Minju, have been working on revising username and password policy document, as well as working on acceptance tests and UI design of user stories relating to sign-up and log-in. They will start the new sprint around next week. In the sprint, Keenen and Minju will be working on developing log-in and sign-up user stories respectively.

There is another news. Anne, who has been in charge of supervising UpStage project is no longer our supervisor. Our new supervisor is Bilal Raza. He will give us advice to help us be more productive and progressive.



AUT UpStage Team