“Let ME Go” – last opening tonight, 26 October

Tonight, Monday 26th, at 19:00 European time, there will be an opening of the installation Let ME Go at Skjern Bibliotek, Denmark and online here (find your local time here).

To participate online, journey through the web site and you will arrive in the Underworld where live web cams show the visitors passing through the physical installation in Skjern. You can interact in the text chat with other online visitors, and with people in Skjern. The online installation uses the UpStage platform.

Let ME Go is inspired by the Sumerian myth of Inanna’s descent to the underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigal. Only fragments of this story survive, inscribed on clay tablets in cuneiform. Inanna must pass through seven gates and at each relinquish a symbol of her power and status in order to enter the underworld – from which no mortal can return.

Antonella Diana and Helen Varley Jamieson have created a sensual interactive journey and a concurrent online installation. Audiences in the physical space interact with visitors to the online installation, combining dualities such as the physical and the virtual/spritiual, the visceral and the technological, the heavens and the underworld. Antonella Diana is visual art, scenographer and a founding member of Teatret OM. Helen Varley Jamieson is a theatre practitioner and digital artist who creates cyberformance – live performance on the internet.

Let ME Go is produced by Teatret OM.