Developer Update 4 -11 – 2014

Hi developers and followers of UpStage!

This is a small update post from the members who are leaving this semester.

In the final week of the semester, we have completed the motivational document that provides clear rationale and goals for the new UpStage. This document will help the new members to continue researching.

There has been progress on the research topic of Text2Speech. A basic program has been developed by James as a proof of concept for Text2Speech using Python, Flask, HTML5, and Ubuntu’s eSpeak. The program demonstrates text2Speech working on a mobile device and without the use of Flash.

This is the last week for 3 of the ongoing members Takuma, James, and Mikhail.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank our clients Helen and Vicki for being very patient and helpful over the year. We would also like to thank our supervisor Anne for guidance and warm criticism. It has been a great learning experience with UpStage and hopefully we meet again on stage!!


Takuma Sato & James Williams & Mikhail Chen

Developer on the AUT UpStage Team