090909 Performances Announced

We are delighted to announce the performances selected for the 090909 UpStage Festival, which takes place online and at RL access nodes around the world on 9 September 2009.

There will be eleven performances – six by artists who have previously created work in UpStage and five from artists who are new to the environment. As with previous UpStage festivals, there promises to be something for everyone. Themes include time, salvation, city life, and explorations of cyberformance and collaborative creativity. The artists have drawn inspiration from improv theatre, mythology, fairy tales, absurdist theatre, poetry, daily life and media theory. One performance, “Salvation” (by Marlena Corcoran with Antoinette LaFarge, Julian Hermann and Tara Rebele), will have its second presentation at 090909, having premiered in May at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice where it was very well received.

Information about the performances can be found here; the schedule of performance times will be published here closer to the festival, and live links to the stages will be available just before each show. All you need to attend the performances is an internet connection and browser with the Flash player plug-in.

So far there are potentially 9 RL (“real-life”) access nodes at locations around the world; operating times for the nodes will be added here as the nodes are confirmed. RL access nodes provide a physical venue for people to watch screenings of the performances, and interact via public computers. If you are interested in hosting a node, please read the information on the page and contact us to arrange it.


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