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Political Cyberformance: The Etheatre Project, by Christina Papagiannouli, examines the use of Internet platforms as theatrical, rehearsal and performance spaces and explores the interactive and political potentials of online theatre, questioning the boundaries of these in-between spaces and the spatial experiences they engender.

The next open walkthrough will be held on Tuesday 13 September, at 11am CET, 9pm NZ.

There will be an open walkthrough on Sunday August 20th at 11pm central European time (find your local time here). The open walkthrough is a hands-on opportunity for anyone interested in UpStage to learn the basics of how it works and how to create cyberformances […]

Inspired by Waiting for Godot, the Etheatre Project presents a semi-adaptation semi-autobiographical performance that looks at borderlands as in-between spaces, both literally and metaphorically. To be presented at TaPRA 2019.

UpStage is honoured to be included in the pavillion “It does not matter, I will eat it cold!” curated by Maja Kalogera for The Wrong Biennial 2019-20 (from 1 November 2019) and exhibited at Art 836 G Gallery, Zagreb (from 1 December 2019).