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Inspired by Waiting for Godot, the Etheatre Project presents a semi-adaptation semi-autobiographical performance that looks at borderlands as in-between spaces, both literally and metaphorically. To be presented at TaPRA 2019.

UpStage is honoured to be included in the pavillion “It does not matter, I will eat it cold!” curated by Maja Kalogera for The Wrong Biennial 2019-20 (from 1 November 2019) and exhibited at Art 836 G Gallery, Zagreb (from 1 December 2019).

The next open walkthrough in UpStage will be held on 26 February (or 27 depending on your time zone) at 20:00 CET. Anyone who is interested in learning how to use UpStage to create and present online performances is welcome at this fun session.

As the Covid-19 pandemic leads to global pandemonium, borders snap shut and airlines crash into bankruptcy, the internet is taking on even greater importance in our daily lives. It’s time for UpStage and cyberformance to step into the spotlight!

The next Open Walkthrough will take place on Thursday 16th April at 12 noon PDT / 21:00 in central Europe. We’ll show you the basic tools, play around with sample media from other shows, and talk about how to create cyberformance.

Back by popular demand! After a successful performance on Earth Day, 22nd April, “Letters of Love in a Time of Crisis” will be performed again on Sunday 26th April (or Monday 27th, depending where in the world you are).

An Open Walkthrough will be held in UpStage on Thursday 14 May 2020, at 10am UK time, 9pm NZ time.