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An Open Walkthrough will be held in UpStage on Thursday 14 May 2020, at 10am UK time, 9pm NZ time. Find your local time here.

The Open Walkthrough is an opportunity for newcomers to learn the basic operations of UpStage and how to create cyberformance (online performance), as well as a chance for experienced UpStage artists to play, jam, and welcome new artists to the platform. Everyone is welcome, no special skills are required.

To request a guest log-in for the walkthrough, please email

Technical Requirements

UpStage does NOT work on tablets, iPads or smartphones (we are working on a new platform that will allow this, and more, but still need help with funding). You need to use a laptop or desktop computer, with a standard browser. UpStage uses Flash, and some browsers now require the Flash player plugin to be manually enabled, in order for you to enter the stage. Please see this page for help with manually enabling Flash.