Technical Documentation

This page provides links to existing technical documentation and resources for UpStage. If you are installing UpStage on your own web server, and/or interested in contributing its ongoing development, please join the developers’ email list.

User Manual

The UpStage V2.1 User Manual on Floss Manuals (June 2011)

Installation Manuals

UpStage v2.4.2 Installation Manual – coming soon … (August 2012)

UpStage v2.1 Installation Video (June 2009)

How to Install the Unstable version 2.4.0

UpStage Developer Documentation

Other UpStage Documentation

Cmu Voices:

wget -c

wget -c

wget -c

wget -c

wget -c

wget -c

UpStage version numbering system

We are using a three-number version system, which is based on this formula: baseversion.x.y, where x denotes a feature change and y denotes bug fixes.

Every commit to SourceForge should involve a number change, that relates to whether features have been added or bugs fixed.