• Open UpStage: a space for open walk-throughs and public performances
  • UpStage Images: photographs and screen captures of UpStage events on our flickr account.
  • Avatar Body Collision web site with information about the group and their works.
  • ActiveLayers: globally distributed cyberformance troupe with members in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, working in UpStage.


We are compiling a list of links to articles, book chapters, sites, academic thesis etc that refer to UpStage or are closely relevant to UpStage.

Related Projects

  • Waterwheel Tap is Suzon Fuk’s cyberformance platform for presentations and performances about water; it was launched in 2011 and was used as the main venue for the CyPosium (2012) and several performances in the 121212 UpStage Festival of Cyberformance.
  • Visitors’ Studio: developed by Neil Jenkins and Furtherfield, the Visitors’ Studio is a live multi-user audio-visual mixing studio. Like UpStage, it uses Flash to serve the mix live to a browser. It can be set so that only certain people have control of the mixer or that it’s completely open.
  • Cyberformance – research and resources related to live online performance.
  • Networked Performance Blog
  • WJ-S is a software and a flexible public device for web performances allowing WJ-S (webjays, artists, web addicts and web mutants) to play live with text, sound and visual content available on line. WJs take the control of a multiscreen environment and surf at distance in different browser windows simultaneously. WJ-S is a visible and collective experience of the surf. WJS is
    an immersive experience in the flux.
  • Ecoscope is a communication tool that provides a context for discussing environmental affairs. Participants can choose avatars (or upload their own image) and have a discussion which, similar to UpStage, appears as cartoon speech bubbles; the conversation is then archived and can be replayed.
  • Wirefire: developed by Entropy8Zuper!, Wirefire was a live online performance that took place weekly from July 1999 to January 2003. The technology consists of Perl servers and Flash clients and uses sockets to share data in real time, serving media including interactive animations, web cam images, sound and text to a web page.
  • unmovie: a multi-user Flash/Python based application where human users and bots collaborate as ‘screenwriting poets’.

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