Another release …

Our amazing developers are releasing so often that it’s hard to keep up! Today’s release is UpStage v1.19.0 – code-named Rheineck-19, and as well as some security fixes and geeky back=end stuff, here’s a summary of the things that artists creating UpStage will want to know about:

  • Depth barA while back we got the exciting new Jitsi Meeting feature – basically a Jitsi meeting can be embedded within UpStage; new in this release is that it gets its own Meeting icon in the Depth bar. This is very useful if you want to move the Jitsi window in front or behind other objects on the stage.
  • big paintbrushIn the Drawing tools, both live and object drawing, the largest size that the brush can be is now quite a bit larger than it used to be. This is great for filling in areas, or if you want to quickly cover the stage with a colour.
  • Those with Admin roles on an UpStage instance can send email notifications to the players, for example about downtime when the server is having maintenance. This feature is constantly evolving as we start using it, and in this release we’ve now got the ability to search for and select a specific player or players, to send an email to.
  • A “Notes” field has been added to the Permissions section of a media item’s Edit interface in the Studio. This means you can add information such as how a media item needs to be acknowledged, where it has come from or anything else that might be useful to know about the media item and its permissions status.
  • Media item notes field