Squashing bugs and tweaking workflows!

The 12th beta release of the UpStage software, version 0.12.0 – titled R24-2021 and codenamed LE-12 – was released on 27th October 2021. It contains 17 distinct bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Some of these issues only emerged during the Mobliise/Demobilise festival, and our amazing developer team was on hand to deal immediately and efficiently with a couple of the most urgent problems. They were also keeping a close eye on the server and were able to report that it performed optimally.

As the artists continue to work with the platform, more feature requests and ideas for improved workflows emerge, and the developers are also coming up with new ideas. Suggestions for the future include a separate Studio section for media management, the ability to operate UpStage with a midi controller, and going 3D … but before we get ahead of ourselves –  we are poised to announce the official release of the new UpStage v1, moving out of beta and into the real world. Watch this space!