Developer’s Update 30 April 2018 – Charlie


In this release I have completed 3 issues #194, #202, #166, and #271 was near completion but didn’t not make it into this release.

#194 was disabling function of different tabs, so if the player is on drawing tab then they should only be able to draw and not be able to move the avatar around on stage as currently they are able to draw and move avatar at the same time. This issue was quite simple, I checked if the tab has a class that is ‘active’, if they do then the function will be enabled, if not then they are not call/enabled.

#202 clearing unheld avatar on stage, this issue is still being reviewed and is yet to be approved. At the beginning I was trying to see if I could drop all the avatar apart from window.holding, it works for one user but when it comes to multi user then it drops incorrect one, then I discover that each avatar button has a title on them if someone is holding it then they have a (user_id) added at the end of the name. I loop thought all the avatar button to see if have (user_id) on them, if they don’t then they should be dropped, if they do then leave it on stage.

#166 allowing players to login with username, this function is very important and very much needed as it allows easy of logging in players. This is simple, I checked if the players input is either username or email matches the database password.

#271 was about same thing happening on different stay, if the player goes back to the foyer and enters another stage they avatars, backdrops, and drawings from the previous stage will show on the new entered stage. Took me a long time of debugging and I figured out that the App.state was not clearing as it should clear each time the player exits out of the stage. This took me a long time to figure it out. This issue is ready for next release.

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