Designing Digital Creative Commons for the Performing Arts

Vicki and Helen will participate remotely in this workshop at the British HCI 2015 conference, presenting UpStage and contributing to the day’s discussions.

The workshop “Designing Digital Creative Commons for the Performing Arts” aims to “bring together HCI designers, creative technologists, Performing Arts practitioners and theorists to discuss issues and opportunities in designing digital tools for communication, artistic collaboration, sharing and co-creation between artists, and between artists and actively involved creative audiences.”

Goals including gaining insights into designing platforms for creative collaboration, free from corporate control and away from the noise of social media; how such a platform can survive in the current economic climate; and how digital technologies can facilitate gift and sharing economies. All of these are areas where UpStage has, to a certain degree, succeeded over the last 12 years.

The workshop is intended for physical participants, so unfortunately it isn’t something you can join online this time. However there will be an open walkthrough soon after the workshop, which will be announced here soon.