Developer Update 05-03

Hello UpStage community!

A new academic year has started at AUT.

First of all, we want to welcome new members, Siatua Uili and William Stokes to join in AUT UpStage Team.

The team had a meeting with our supervisor, Anne on Tuesday last week. We will prepare for our project proposal and mid-semester review activities in the next few weeks.

In our previous team meeting, we discussed the outcome of team research in 2014. We would like to propose a different approach for conducting future research.

We adjusted new team structure, there are 2 divisions:

Research Division: Responsible for performing research topics and the proof of concepts

Maintenance Division: Responsible for gaining experience from current UpStage product design and applied technologies.

All the team members will be rostered into the 2 division throughout the semester 1. Personnel switches will occur in every 2 weeks period.
Between each the switches, each research team member will produce a work note to track what tasks completed or not; each member in the other division will prepare a summary of the learning outcome. Team will meet up frequently and discuss about our findings and difficulties.
This will be the quality assurance process during the new semester. We hope this will work better.

In the new research aspect, we will focus on the functionality (as artefacts) from the current product, requirements and the motivational document. Below as the steps:

  • A research member creates an artefact from the features of current product.
  • The research member researches the related information about the artefact, and come up with an idea on how to achieve the artefact.
  • Prototyping, come up with a way to implement the idea into reality.
  • Once the 2-weeks limit reaches, developers communicate about our results, discuss difficulties, and share experience.

This is an idea of iterative delivery. We can use this to research efficiently and effectively.


Besides of our new approach, we also did a bit of work on the current prototype. We completed concurrent drawing. Here is a simple example of concurrent drawing on different clients over a NodeJS server.

Screenshot - 050315



Yue Li

Developer on AUT UpStage Team