Developer Update 02-09-2014

Hello Developers and followers of UpStage! This is AUT UpStage Team blog update.

In the last two weeks, we have come up with our detailed plan for the semester. We will research on possible technologies to replace some of the outdated technologies used in UpStage version 3. This research includes evaluating the use of current technology in the old UpStage and building small programs as a proof of concept in example of the selected technology for later development. During the same time, we will try to enhance the performance of Version 3 by fixing minor bugs and adding small features.


Overview of current working status:


Screenshot from 2014-08-30 22:24:32.png


In the last 2 weeks, we have fixed issue #225 (save stage reminder) as well as as #200 (delete player – no warning) as stated on Github. The changed features are now working on our testing server, and will be released at the end of semester.


For the new design research, the assigned topics for our members are as followed:






Charlotte, Gaoxin and Takuma


Xiangyu & Yue

Video Streaming technologies


James will be responsible for searching potential technologies to replace Text2speech which are open-source. James will also be building a small program in the following weeks as a proof of concept. Charlotte, Gaoxin and Takuma will look into the current use and dependency of Flash plugin in UpStage version 3. This will help us understand precise definition of Flash which will guide us on how to break down the research into smaller and more manageable topics. Xiangyu and Yue will do the same for functionalities and role of video streaming technology.


Our project proposal and semester review went well in the past weeks. We had difficulty setting the plans as it was not easy to predict the scale of most of the tasks we defined. We are also aware that our plan is not perfect and will require constant updates as issues arise. We aim to handle these issue promptly and professionally to reduce any overhead by the issue.


AUT UpStage would also  like to use this opportunity to give many thanks to Vickie and Helen for being supportive, and our supervisor Anne for giving accurate guidances.

Takuma Sato & Yue Li

Developer on the AUT UpStage Team