“We have a situation!” documentation

Documentation of the cyberformance series We have a situation …! is now available on the project web site, www.wehaveasituation.net.

As well as video excerpts, photos and descriptions of the four networked performance and discussion events, there are also three publications: the WHAS Booklet, a print format document of the project; Make Your Own Situation, a model and guide for creating similar events, with examples, links and tips; and Fostering active citizenship through creative networked collaboration, an EU “green paper” that poses discussion questions related to the digital arts, specifically networked performance, as tools for enhanced citizen engagement.

Other resources created during the project relate to the technology: the “video-hack” version of UpStage, training videos and an annex to the UpStage user manual. These are accessible from the resources page of the WHAS site as well as from this web site. The video-hack version of UpStage is currently being integrated into what will be released as UpStage v3 in January 2014.

Graz discussion
Eva Ursprung facilitates the networked discussion at the final situation in Graz, 22 May 2013.