UpStage at Flossie: open walkthrough

There will be an UpStage presentation at Flossie, an event for women working with or interested in learning about open source, taking place in London 8-9 November. The UpStage presentation is scheduled for 10-11am UK time on Saturday 9th.

We will begin with a performative presentation of about 15 minutes and this will be followed by approximately 45 minutes of hands-on workshop; participants – at Flossie and online – will learn the basic operations of UpStage and can discuss technical issues as well as talking about how to create and present cyberformance in UpStage.

You are welcome to join online, here’s all you need to do:

If you’re going to be in London and are interested in attending Flossie, registration is now open and there is full information here.

The session will be led by Helen Varley Jamieson, with Christina Papagiannouli (at Flossie), Liz Bryce (in New Zealand) and Katarina DJ Urosević (in Serbia).