We have a situation!

“Peopoly” is the third cyberformance in the series “We have a situation!”, taking place this Thursday, 18 April, at 8pm CET (find your local time here).

Live from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the performance looks at the experiences of people coming to the city for different reasons. Starting from the broader issues of human migration and mobility, the surface of Eindhoven is scratched and peeled back to reveal some of the problematic issues that lurk beneath the attractive image – issues that are exported or hidden, largely invisible to both locals and visitors.

Building on the previous two “situations” – which addressed e-waste in London and air travel in Nantes – artists collaborate in the Eindhoven situation to connect audiences around Europe and create a space for open imaginative discussion and exchange. The networked performance of approximately 30 minutes will be followed by a creative exchange between Eindhoven, Nantes and Graz.

Play “Peopoly” with us online here: https://www.wehaveasituation.net/live/

The online performance and discussion is on Thursday 18 April, starting at 8pm CET (find your local time here).

This will be the third of four “situations” as part of the trans-European networked performance project, “We have a situation!”, using UpStage to connect a conversation between European people around current cross-cultural issues. For more information, visit the project’s web site.

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