Open Walkthrough – meet, learn & play in UpStage

The first open walkthrough for 2013 will be held on Tuesday 22nd January at 9pm central European time; click here to find your local time.

Open walkthroughs are online training and improvising sessions for anyone who would like to learn how to use UpStage and meet other artists working in UpStage. You will learn about the general concepts behind UpStage and cyberformance, the tools and features of the player interface, and the UpStage community. This takes about an hour, and often walkthroughs continue longer if people want to stay and improvise. If, after coming to a walkthrough, you are interested in using UpStage to create your own performances, you will be given your own log-in, and links to further resources that will help you to create and upload your own media and devise cyberformance work.

The walkthrough will take place at

To request a guest log-in for the walkthrough, email (note: if you already have your own log-in and plan to come to this walkthrough, please check whether you also have a log-in for the new version of UpStage; if you don’t, email us and we will create it for you).