Installer and Visual Server Manager

Hi All!

To kick things off, I thought I’d let you know about an exciting new part of UpStage.

We have recieved many bug reports and support requests regarding the installation and configuration of UpStage. We have put a lot of time into this issue as we believe that installing and running UpStage on your own servers should be a straightforward, painless process. We have addressed this issue into 2 ways:

1. Packaged Installer
UpStage will soon be distributed as a single .deb package. Installation will simply be a matter of running the .deb with Debian’s dpkg -i command and UpStage will integrate itself into your system.

2. Centralized Visual Management Module
As you know, you can host multiple UpStage servers on the one machine. Until now, managing these servers has been done using a primitive shell script. We have designed a new manager that provides a graphical interface to allow you to create, configure and remove multiple UpStage servers easily.

At the same time, we are also boosting functionality within the UpStage software itself, we have some exciting new features in the works including an entirely refreshed Media Management System to unvail. Details soon…

The UpStage Development Team


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