DTN3 (Be)Longing: a meditation on self in motion

Wednesday 17th October 5pm Montreal Canada
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Daria is stuck. She was supposed to be en route from the insular world of her village and the tatters of her personal life. She was supposed to be following those brave, glamourous heroines from the 1950s movies of her childhood – stepping out across borders to a new life in the west.

But Daria is stuck. Unable to articulate any sense of ‘home’, nor comforted by the sentimental objects she has packed in her suitcase, her journey has been waylaid in the worst possible way.

With the thematic that addresses power, ownership and modern slavery [Be]longing continues Avatar Body Collision’s political performances of the DTN series.

Premiering at La Galerie Yergeau for the opening of HTMlles8 – crowd control Festival for Media Art and Networked Practices.