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UpStage and Mobliise/Demobilise will be presented at the Audioblast Festival, organised by APO33 in Nantes at the end of February. This year the festival’s theme is “Resonant Futures: Ecologies of Care”.

On Friday 23 February, Helen Varley Jamieson will participate in a conference session on Virtual Innovation. She will present examples from UpStage’s 20-year history that address social, intercultural and environmental themes and discuss how these works continue to resonate, and inform, nurture and sustain UpStage, its community and our shared futures. On the following morning, Helen and Eva Ursprung will join a round table discussion for open exchange on the questions of resonant futures.

Helen and Eva will perform on Saturday 24 February in the “SoirĂ©e Audioblast Live Extended”, creating a new performative version of the Mobliise/Demobilise mirror installation that was presented at the Transit Festival in Denmark in 2022.

APO33 was a partner in We have a Situation!, the 2013 trans-European project that created cyberformance and globally networked discussions based on local urgent issues; the project also enabled the development of audio-visual streaming within the UpStage platform. We are excited to be going back to Nantes and APO33 with UpStage now completely rebuilt and celebrating 20 years of actual innovation!

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