10th Birthday Programme

10th Birthday Programme

Thursday 9 January 2014 (Europe), Friday 10 January (NZ)
19:30 Europe
7.30am NZ
(find your local time here)
Vita cyberformativa
by Miljana Peric
Framed e-specially for the UpStage, this story can begin with the words: “She had a dream: a chatroom of their own”. It might be continued with acts of taking and giving a voice to different “parts” in/of this cyberformed brainchild: (1) spectators-artists-mothers, (2) spectators, (3) artists, (4) mothers, (5) spectators-artists, (6) mothers-spectators, (7) artists-mothers.Some (at least, – sonorous) kind of similarity in this plurality of cyberformers’ positions, might lead to the questioning: who is who in this play? And maybe, just maybe, this potential parergonomic* activity will make us sur-prized with one truly cyberformance condition – by showing, over and over again, that other (art) frames are possible.* This word is mixture of terms “parergon” and “ergonomic”. The first comes after the Derridian concept of “parergon”: the distinction between the inside and outside of an artwork can never be fully attained. The second points to the shift from the traditional “comfortable” but passive position of spectators of an art performance to the actively participating audience of a cyberformance.Note: the frameworked diagram is borrowed from Silvia Kolbowski’s blog-post Diagrams and Spectators, in “The Work Behind the Artwork”, August 27 2013. (https://silviakolbowskiblog.com/2013/08/27/diagrams-and-spectators/)
20:00 Europe
8am NZ
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Welcome and Presentations:
8.10 – Annie Abrahams
8.30 – Isabel Valverde
8.45 – Christina Papagiannouli
21:00 Europe
9am NZ
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etheatre-150x150Etheatre Project and Collaborators
followed by discussion
For its third project, Etheatre will collaborate remotely with cyberformers and artists to stage a cyberformance on UpStage for the platform’s 10years birthday celebration.Using the topic of European internal migration as a starting point and the new features of UpStage version 3, Etheatre Project III will be a devised, collaborative, site-specific performance open to audience participation and interaction. The rest will be a surprise!Performers:
Sarahleigh Castelyn, raised in South Africa and based in UK
Charis Gavriilidis, raised in Greece and based in Germany
Evi Stamatiou, raised in Greece and based in UKDramaturge/ Stories Editor:
Ilinca Tamara Todorut, raised in Romania and based in the USDirector/Discussion Facilitator:
Christina Papagiannouli, raised in Greece and based in UKScenographer/Avatar, Backdrop designer:
Suzon Fuks, raised in Brussels and based in AustraliaCreative Collaborators:
Anca Doczi co-founder of Immersive Theatre, raised in Romania and based in UK
Marischka Klinkhamer: raised in South Africa and based in Netherlands


22:00 Europe
10am NZ
(find your local time here)
by Petyr Veenstra, Floris Sirag and Gabriella Sacco
A poetic performance in freedom and wonder where the erratic paths and patterns of creation are untouched by categorizing
constructcreative action versus endless reactioninstinct versus thinking and choicethe imaginary distinction between this and thatand you and meballoonhow will you float on the endless wind?More information: https://www.petyr.com/en/news/27/15/balloon.html
22:30 Europe
10.30am NZ
(find your local time here)
Discussion with all artists and presenters.
(live link here on the day)

As well as the events listed in the programme above, a planning meeting took place during the NZ daytime of 9-10 January, at 19 Tory Street, Wellington NZ.

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