New UpStage User Manual

We have a new UpStage platform, therefore we also need a new UpStage user manual – and here we have it!

The manual gives an outline of UpStage – what it is, how artists can use it to create and present cyberformance (live online performance) and also information for audiences to help you have the best possible experience. There are sections on creating digital media for UpStage, audio-visual streams, and recording live performances.

The manual has been written and designed by Elisa de Castro Guerra and Helen Varley Jamieson, with testing, proofreading and corrections by Claudia Beezhold, Vicki Smith and Clara Gomes.

As UpStage is continually being developed and improved, the manual is already out of date – the new Studio feature has been completed and will replace the Media section of UpStage’s Backstage, provide enhanced workflows for media upload and management. The manual will be updated in the new year.

UpStage user manual