121212 UpStage Festival at MoMA

The 121212 UpStage Festival of Cyberformance is one of four exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Activity (Wellington, New Zealand) during December.

MoMA will be projecting the festival performances from 8pm-12pm NZ time on Wednesday 12 December, from its window facing Glover Park in central Wellington.

The MoMA web site will provide links to all performances, as well as other videos and images from past festivals. The festival can be viewed from home on your own browser, but there are also a number of other “nodes” – physical venues running in different cities around the world (see the full list of 121212 UpStage Festival nodes here).

The other exhibitions at MoMA during December are:

  • Fair Deal: perspectives from artists on issues relating the the NZ government’s secret Trans- Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations.
  • Princessin Hans: performance photographs and videos from the band, performing a brazen mix of cabaret, jazz and punk on the Kleinkunst stages of Berlin and Europe since 2003.
  • Homebodies: The Imaginary and Real Worlds of Kea Moore and Fran Denton

Further information is available on the MoMA web site.