The Net & the Butterfly

The Net & the Butterfly is an allegorical cyberformance about the challenges of documenting live online performance, created and presented in UpStage by Francesco Buonaiuto, Helen Varley Jamieson and Vicki Smith.

Constructed from the digital traces of past cyberformances, it is simultaneously a performative presentation of documentation, and a performance in its own right – thus transforming conventional notions of the separation of “live performance” and “performance documentation”.

The Net and the Butterfly will be performed at PANik 3 – Performance als Dokumentation in Vienna and online on September 26th at approximately 8.45pm Austrian time (find your local time here); click here to enter the stage.

Performance Art Network Vienna (PAN) ist happy to invite you to PANik3 – Performance as Documentation, with Billy X. Curmano (US), Katrin Herzner (D), Julia Kläring + Andrea Salzmann (AT), Pascale Grau (CH), Upstage (NZ/IT)

September 26th, 19h
Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Wien

The performances will be followed by a discussion.

Concept & Organization: Thomas Geiger und Veronika Merklein

Who performs (live) is inevitably confronted with the issue of documentation. Still, photography and video, are the main mediums in terms of the documentation of live performances. However, shortcomings result in the translation of the live event to another medium, whether digital or analog type. The complexity of various performances can not just be preserved by saving the visual and auditory moments. Therefore, many artists understand the documentation not only as a preservation of a past event, but give a new and important meaning to the documentation itself. If the circuit of documentation is not stopped in the need for preservation, but gets into a self-sufficient process, the documentation becomes the protagonist and the protagonist will turn into another performer. Either the performative work is inseparable from its documentation – or the documentation is an independent part that is able to create a new presence.

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