meanwhile, in the wider UpStage community …

Lots is happening right now in the world of UpStage: the 11:11:11 artists are busy getting started on making their shows, the AUT student team is working on bug-fixing & enhancements, Martin is getting into his research for a complete rebuild of UpStage, Vicki is working on a new project with schools that involves UpStage’s younger cyberformers, & Helen is bouncing around Europe demonstrating UpStage in various presentations.

There is also a lot of activity in the wider UpStage community, with many artists exploring related areas of networked performance or extending projects in different directions. Jung-hua Liu, who presented Colourful WiFi Network at the 101010 UpStage Festival, is now releasing the music created from mapping WiFi networks on iTunes and YouTube. Suzon Fuks’ Waterwheel project continues to evolve, including developing a new networked performance platform called The Tap.

Dan Untitled (Dan James) took time out from his busy schedule to make a guest CJ appearance along with Miljana Peric at the launch of the 11:11:11 performances. Prior to this he was performing online at the Gallery of Modern Art in Oxford, with “Breakfast Party in my Studio” and when Stray Cinema project had its screening in April, Dan delivered an online mash-up performance, both streaming out from his studio in Wellington, NZ.

This is just the tiny tip of the iceberg – nearly all of the UpStage artists are involved in a variety of related (or unrelated) projects; it’s exciting to see so much activity going on around the place, all of it contributing to a rich creative world.