Live Performers Meeting, Rome

Two presentations at the Live Performers Meeting (Rome, 19-22 May) will feature UpStage: on Friday 20th Paula Crutchlow (online from the UK) and Helen Varley Jamieson will give a presentation about their networked performance make-shift, which uses UpStage in conjunction with streaming audio & video and live performance; online audience are welcome to participate in this. Please go to the make-shift web site and click on the “next live show” link to enter the interface.

The make-shift presentation will be at 4.30pm local time in Rome; find your local time here.

stop press – helen thinks this will be about half an hour late …

Helen will also give a talk about cyberformance and online tools for live performance, on Friday 20th at 3.30 (only for the proximal audience at LPM). She will demonstrate UpStage and Visitors’ Studio and discuss other platforms.