Cyberformance workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Suzon Fuks will give a 2-day cyberformance workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on 7 & 8 June, from 3 to 7pm each day. The venue is MES56, and the workshop is organised in partnership with MES56 and the House of Natural Fiber (HONF).

During the workshop participants will explore various internet platforms allowing collaboration/exchange and performance such as Skype, Selfworld, UpStage, u-stream, Etherpad, etc. This workshop will also explore how you may become involved in the VIRTUAL FOUNTAINs project.


* 1st day: overview of internet collaboration platforms and a tutorial about how to use UpStage (open source software)
* 2nd day: practical trials of collaboration by groups on UpStage, and on other platforms

* Number of participants is limited. Please contact Elly Mangunsong 081 846 8283 or Wimo 081 5585 05996

* your laptop if you have one,
* 3G modem if you have one,
* webcam if possible (external or built-in)
* media resources you may like to use on day 2 (like photos, sound files, stories….).