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The UpStage Team

Helen Varley Jamieson: originating artist, project manager, festival architect and co-curator
Vicki Smith: originating artist, designer, workshop facilitator, festival architect and co-curator
Douglas Bagnall: software design, technologist
Paul Rohrlach: developer, server administrator
Francesco Buonaiuto: archivist
Heath Behrens: developer, server administrator
Vibhu Patel: developer

Past Team Members
Karla Ptacek: originating artist
Leena Saarinen: originating artist, web design

Since 2006, teams of students from Auckland University of Technology have worked on UpStage for their final year assessment project. The AUT partnership is co-ordinated through lecturer Anne Philpott, and has been very beneficial to the ongoing development of UpStage – thanks a lot!

In 2014 a team of web developers are also joining under the tutelage of Gisela Klette, they are; Fan Yang, Matt Jiang, Scott and Albin Cyriac.

AUT Team 2013

Contributing students as developers:

  • 2014: James, Takuma, Mikhail
  • 2013-2014: Vanessa Henderson, Nikos Philips
  • 2013: Lisa Helm, Nitkalya Wiriyanuparb and David Daniels (pictured at right)
  • 2012-13: Scott Riddell, Gavin Chan and Craig Farrell
  • 2012: Benjamin Qin and Daniel Han
  • 2011-12: Nessa Baterina, Karena Goh and Corey Robb
  • 2011: Heath Behrens and Vibhu Patel
  • 2010-11: Mohammad Al-Timimi, JR Malonzo and Henry Goh
  • 2010: Tom Choi, Paul Rohrlach and Craig Farrell
  • 2009-10: Natasha Pullenster, Nicholas Robinson and Shaun Narayan
  • 2009: John Coleman and Vishaal Solanki
  • 2008-09: Shaun Nesbitt, Wendy Wen and Candy Yang
  • 2008: Aaron Barnett
  • 2007-08: Alan Crow and Tony Wong
  • 2007: Endre Bernhardt, Lauren Kilduff and Phillip Quinlan
  • 2006-07: Beau Hardy, Francis Palma, Lucy Chu and Wise Wang