As part of the documentation of We have a situation!, Helen has created three video tutorials about how to use UpStage:

  1. how to use the workshop – uploading media, creating stages, etc.
  2. the on-stage player tools – how to create and present your cyberformance
  3. streaming – how to send and display audio-visual streams in UpStage

The three videos make up the album UpStage Tutorials on vimeo.

Note that these videos use UpStage version, which is Martin Eisenbarth’s development version of UpStage; the version that is currently on the UpStage server is version 2.4.2. The main difference between these two versions is that version 2.4.2 does not have the audio-visual streaming feature. The AUT student team is currently working on merging Martin’s version with their version 2.4.3, into what will become 2.4.4 …

Don’t forget you can also watch showreels from the UpStage festivals and a recording of Vicki and Helen’s presentation at TIP2013 in January.